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Best of Sons of Hawaii

The award-winning performers in this legendary band were pioneers in Hawai‘i's cultural revival. For five decades they have continued to celebrate a rich and vibrant musical tradition. Now for the first time their distinctive sound is being released on compact disc.

Included here are original tunes by guitarists, Rev. Dennis D. Kamakahi, one of our most gifted contemporary composers, as well as the hauntingly beautiful classic, Morning Dew, by Eddie Kamae and Larry Kimura.

With memorable songs, inspired arrangements, skilled musicianship, and heartfull voices - here is Hawaiian music at its very best!

featured albums

Best of Sons of Hawai'i

01 Morning Dew
02 E Kiss Kaua.
03 E Hihiwai
04 Hanakeoki.
05 He Punahele No `Oe.
06 Ke Alo O Iesu
07 Pua Hone
08 Mauna Kea.
09 Wahine ‘Ilikea
10 Honeymoon Hotel
11 Wai Pahe‘e
12 Kahokulani.

Featured Artists

Eddie Kamae - ‘Ukulele, Vocals
Rev. Dennis Kamakahi - Guitar, Vocals
Moe Keale - Harmonica, Vocals
Joe Marshall - Bass, Vocals
David "Feet" Rogers - Steel Guitar