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I believe that nothing soothes the soul like the voice of an old friend, and nothing brings back the memories of good times as easily as the sound of music.

Aloha, I'm Eddie Kamae, and in this CD it is my honor to share with you my own music along with that of some of my friends -- musicians who are still with us, as well as those whose music lives on through recordings such as this.

featured albums

Eddie Kamae & Friends

01 ‘Akahi Ho‘i Ka Manene
02 Hualalai
03 Sunshine in Between the Rain
04 We Have Two of Those
05 Ka ‘Oiwi Nani
06 Only You
07 Mai Ae I Ka Hewa
08 La ‘Elima
09 Pua Hone
10 Dreams
11 Golden Stallion
12 She's So Sad & Blue
13 Ho‘omau

featured artists

Eddie Kamae - ‘Ukulele, Vocals
Diana Aki - Vocals
Joe Bourque - Fiddle
Sonny Chillingworth - Guitar, Vocals
Rev. Dennis Kamakahi - Guitar, Banjo, Vocals
Moe Keale - ‘Ukulele, Harmonica, Vocals
Joe Marshall - Stand-up Bass, Vocals
David "Feet" Rogers - Steel Guitar